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I am looking to upgrade the RAM in my computer. I currently have 512 mb RDRAM. I have a Gigabyte GA-8ihxp motherboard. It has four slots for ram sticks. The manual mentions the max that all the board will hold is 1 gb. I am wanting to add 1gb in the form of two 512 sticks. This would bring me to a total of 1.5 gb of RAM. Will this work? Does the manual state that it will only accept 1 gb due to sticks coming in 26 at the time of printing?
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  1. I believe for RDRAM (RAMBUS MODULE) you must always install them in pairs.

    Check it out for yourself... but I believe if you install 3 sticks of 512MB RDRAM, your system will not boot.

    The memory slots require two RIMMS for seamless connection. I havent seen a BIOS for RAMBUS that allows for non-seamless connection. To connect a single module in a channel that needs a pair, you will need additional hardware to do so.

    How is your current memory arranged?
  2. If the max memory is truly 1.0 gb, then no, it won't work. However, I would check the gigabyte web site for your mobo and see if there is an update that lets it use up to 2gig.

    Its possible there is a technical reason that it can't use 512 sticks, so 1gig is a hard limit. Many older mobos have similar limitations.

  3. I believe Gigabyte is completely wrong, I'm fairly certain I've seen other users with 2GB of PC1066 on that board. In fact, the infamous Fugger comes to mind.

    This wouldn't be the first time a boardmaker has underestimated the RAM limit for boards, this is actually quite common.

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