How should I configure my 3 hard drives?

Hi, Newbie here, I currently have two hard drives, a a 30G IBM DTLA307030? 7200 RPM and 40G WD 400AB? 5200 RPM

I want to buy a 160 or 200G hard drive cause I've run out of space, but then I'm not sure what to do with all 3 of them. If I use the new drive just for data/media storage is the speed very important? And if I use it for the OS should I spring for 8mb and get a smaller capacity?

Should I run the OS off of the IBM, or should I partition the new one and run it off of their since it will probably be faster anway?

Should/can i put the IBM and WD in RAID 0, and then run the OS off of that? If so does it matter that one is 7200 and the other 5400

Should I get rid of one of the hard drives?

Should I put the hard drives on the same.. (channel? Master/slave) and if so which drives where.

Also I don't really know anything about backing up files. If I want to back up my OS one of the new ( data) drive would I want to partion it into two parts? One for data and one for backed up info?

Saw something about OS not recognizing large drives/partitions do I need to worry about that running Windows 98? I have an ABIT KT7A Raid.

Also my WD says its full when I write to it, but properties says it has 7 gigs of free space, anyone have an idea why.

Sorry for all the questions. I built my computer a couple of years ago, and have since managed to forget most of what I learned. No need to answer everything just tell me what you think I should do.
Thanks for any help.

Adam Watson
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  1. I'd probably toss those small drives in some other systems, don't you have any older systems to put them in?

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