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Has anyone heard of a MP3 diskmen that reads DVD disk? I though I heard that sony was working on one.... Sure would be cool to store 4 gigs of MP3s on a dvd and pop them in a cd player
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  1. I have never heard of one, though I'd be one of the first one to get one when it comes out. In theory, a portable dvd player that plays mp3's should be able to play mp3's burned on a DVD provided that you have a DVD burner.
    FYI: I have herd DVD+R is much more compatible to DVD players than DVD-R. Also RW DVDs don't work well with DVD players, especially older ones. Also stick with major brands: imation, TDK, etc. Some generic brands work fine, others don't work well.
  2. check this out. http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/storage/display/sony-mpd-ap20u.html

    I read on the Sony web site saying that this reads MP3's burnt on DVDs (1000 mp3s max)
  3. Errr ... I've never heard of one. Anyway, a CD can hold more than enough songs, right?

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  4. i have heard of them yes. i cannot say a product name or anything but i know they exist (now). saw it on tech TV


    <A HREF="http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz" target="_new">http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz</A> its where its all going on, oh and its also all going on HERE <A HREF="http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/" target="_new">http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/</A>
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