How To Dual-boot 98, xp & Linux??

I've just bought a new comp and I want to install win98, xp and Linux onto the machine. I have already partitioned my harddisk.

I am new to dual-booting. So could anyone please explain the process of how to set these 3 OS up step-by-step?? Or even a webpage?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!~
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  1. easiest thing is to just install in this order:

    1) 98
    2) XP
    3) Linux

    And the boot managers will all do the right thing automatically.

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  2. You have three choices for creating a multiboot machine.

    <b>-></b>First, you can create a separate partition for each operating system and run FDISK from a floppy to change the active partition when you want to change the operating system.

    This method has the <font color=blue>advantage</font color=blue> that it works with any operating system. Its <font color=red>disadvantage</font color=red> is that FDISK is risky software to place in user's hands.

    <b>-></b>The second option is to use a third-party tool---such as OS/2 Boot Manager, System Commander,or Boot Magic--to setup all partitions for the operating systems and a menuing system that enables you to choose operating system while booting.

    The <font color=blue>advantage</font color=blue> here is that menu drives that user choice of the operating system, and such tools work with almost any operating system. The <font color=red>disadvantage</font color=red> is that more administrative work is required when the operating systems are installed.

    <b>-></b> The third choice is for multibootig microsoft operating systems. For example, you want to dual boot between Win98 & WinXP. You need only to install Win98 first, and then WinXP. WinXP will automatically install dual boot capability, along a menuing system.

    The <font color=blue>advantage</font color=blue> is ease of use and installation.
    The <font color=red>disadvantage</font color=red> is that this option works only for Microsoft operating systems.

    For your ease..

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Setting up a multi-boot machine with Linux and other operating system</A>

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  3. I replied this in your other post:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Windows Dual- and Multi- Booting</A>

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  4. "FDISK is risky software to place in user's hands."

    F***********ck. I'd call it "Fdisk is the most dangerous piece of cr@p to use. Period."

    System commander 0wNz J00.

    Using Nt's bootloader suxx, 'cause it ties the two os's together. The xp system drive is the fat32 you used for 98/me. Can't "chkdsk /f c:", and if the FAT, MBR, or MFT get hosed on either drive, you are screwed until you run the Nt chkmbr or whatever the heck it is.
  5. Thanks guys!~ =)

    I will give it a try. Hope I don't stuff it up. ;)
  6. I guess you're going to try using the built-in 'feature' of XP to dual-boot 98se.

    *When* you run into problems, just give System Commander a try once. You will need to boot with the 98se cdrom after you load XP, 'cause XP overwrites the MBR and disables System Commander. Once you run the SCIN utility, everything works just awesome. And you have two (or 3) 100% independent Os's running on the same hard disk. One Os can take a complete and total ****, right on your head, and you just move on to the next os until you have the time to Mickey Mouse around with msft's os.
  7. What i have done have been good for me.

    actually its this: I install win98 and then XP or 2K

    Linux instalation its done when ever i like, the secret its on the MBR, microsoft in all its wisdom (cos they know more than you), they really need to take control over the MBR, win 98 does it; and then XP, but XP its designed to live peacefull with nother M$ OS, and yes he takes control over the MBR.

    So the secret its to tell Linux in all its wisdom and good desing, (becose they have enough wisdom to give u choices unlike M$) to make the LILO to be installed on the same partion of Linux, NOT in the MBR. so if u make that partition active u will boot to him diectly cos he has every thing he does need. that means that Linux its only on his particion and he does NOT need of everyone else to help him (this its important) if his particion its active so does him.

    then u have to make a special file, the detailed instruccions are in the "Linux+nt-loader" mini-Howto and actually the secret its the comand dd (someting like "dd if=/dev/hda2 of=/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1") and then u edit boot.ini to make a entry to this archive and all done, its all on that OLD Howto (cos its dated to september 1997 at least mine).

    the good part its that the WinXp menu and lilo menu are conected one to the other so u can go back and forward with both. and since Linux its totally on its own partition u can have all the time u need to do it good, cos u only need to make the linux partition active and Linux will boot. and that can be done with any fdisk, even the badly MS Fdisk.

    And you can install and reinstal win98 and XP as you need to; linux its on another place... and u can reinstall Linux the same way, windows its on another place too; and only u need to update the file you give to the NTloader.

    The good part: its works Flawless, the best part no extra software, you only have to do its locate that howto and read it, but if you use linux you are always reading lots of stuff, so its nothing new.

    P.S. work on Win NT4,2k,XP,95,98 (havent tried ME),
    so: pick your combo!
  8. This has been discussed and answered SO MANY times in the Linux forum. Just do a search and you'll find a ton of posts about the procedures/possible ways. Someone actually added his instructions to his website 'cause this was asked so many times! Here are a few links:

    1. <A HREF="" target="_new">Dual Boot RedHat 7.2 and Win2K/ME</A>

    2. <A HREF="" target="_new">How to partition for Linux, XP AND W2K?</A>

    3. <A HREF="" target="_new">Dual Boot instructions</A>

    This last one contains a link to the helpful guy's website.
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