Compaq V6000 Notebook

I am trying to troubleshoot/fix a v6000 notebook.

When you first try to turn it on, it starts to power up but then shuts off completely after about 4 seconds (sometimes less). The power pack that came with it was putting out nothing so I replaced it. It still does the same thing. It almost acts like you are trying to power up a laptop with a dead battery.

I have tried removing the battery and only using the a/c power but it still does the same thing.

Any suggestions?

I had one place tell me that the motherboard was dead but they immediately followed that with "we have a nice selection of new laptop!" so I really am not believing them.
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  1. bullitt3683,take your HDD out of laptop and put it in a plastic freezer bag, put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. install. If HDD is bad or weak it should boot up fine after the freezer trick. You may have to get a new HDD if this trick worked. I just built a few laptops and use this trick to test if they try to boot and then go dead.

    Good Luck
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