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There is a file called "END" in my OS What is it? Is it a virus? Help!

In my OS C:\END is on my computer, I don't how it got there and I know I did not intentionally download it, at least think I didn't. Is this a virus? Can I delete it? Please help me!
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More about there file called virus help
  1. Hi :)

    What Anti virus are you running ???

    Run a full scan with it AND MALWAREBYTES...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. What is inside of it?
  3. Are you sure it isn't RND, that can come from quite a few applications, AutoCAD, some VMware products and software that creates hashes for encryption - Do you have a torrent client with encryption forced?
  4. I am sure I don't have any of those programs, I even checked my control panel for the installed programs and I don't see those on the list
  5. Btw I did a full scan with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and it came out clean...WHAT IS THIS FILE?!
  6. Hello? *whimper*
  7. what filetype is it? is it a hidden file? When was it created? What are it's properties.

    you're not giving us much to work with here.
  8. The file type is FILE when I put my cursor over it it says it is 9 bytes when it is really 4 kb it was created 9/7/2012 at 9:13:39 P.M. modified and accessed at the same times as when it was created. Attributes: A. All scans said clean, but I still don't like it that this file is visible and I did not use, download or create it, something's fishy.

    I'm pretty sure you're misreading the RND.FILE as END.FILE.

    Either way I don't think it's a big deal if you delete it it should just recreate itself if it's the real deal.
  10. I killed it with the bin, it was definitely END.file, I'm not blind, anyways, it's gone and I guess I'll scan to see if after deleting it, it created a trojan. I'll post the results of the scanners after they are done.
  11. i too have stumbled upon END file ansice my latp as a mid of its own
  13. see what i mean
  14. also TMRescueDisk as appeared and MOS Cache and all my films wont send to usb drive
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    i reinstalled windows and still the same
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