Lost Raid after Bios Reset - help

I reset my bios by moving the main jumper. When I restarted my raid was gone. On bootup it shows that it sees both drives but it doesn't show them as 1. They're both serial ATA drives on an MSI K8T Neo Fis-2R board. I don't want to change things around too much without getting some advice first. The raid was set up to house my programs and games on, so my OS is fine... just lost all my programs and games.

Mobo: Epox 8K7A+
CPU: AMD Athlon XP2200+
OS: Windows XP pro SP1
RAM: 2x512MB DDR 2100
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  1. Odd. You need Active Partition Recovery. You can grap it fairly quick with eMule or the like. Simply enter the RAID BIOS and rebuild your RAID array exactly as it was before. Ignore the stuff about *ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED* cos it won't. Just rebuild the array and run APR. It'll find your lost partition and rewrite the parition table for you.

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