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Hi Folks,

Need some advice here. I am looking to match my present 512 mB pc2700 memory stick so i can go dual channel on my GA-81PE1000 PRO G MB and Im not quite sure how close I have to match it so i dont have too many problems.

Here is the output from CPU-Z concerning my present stick (which i cant find the exact match for anywhere) any suggestions on a stick that's close enough would be very appreciated.

CPU-Z output:

Module Size 512 MBytes
Max Bandwidth: pc2700 (166Mhz)
Manufacturer: AMD

SPD timing tables:
Frequency 133MHZ 166MHZ
CAS#Latency 2.0 2.5
RAS# to CAS# 3 3
RAS Precharge 3 3
TRAS# 6 7

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I would rather try to match this stick than replace it with 2 identical sticks for $$ reasons. ANy help or advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Any of the value RAM from Crucial, Kingston, or Corsair will do just fine. Try to match the timings though, if you buy a lower latency stick than is already in there, it will match the lower rated stick in BIOS. As long as it's a quality stick of RAM with matching or nearly matching qualities (you could get pc3200 or better if you wanted to) it should work fine.

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