PS3 + Dell2707 = washed out images??

Hi, I wonder if anyone tried to connect ps3 to this monitor, or any monitor that needs a HDMI-DVI cable, as I see ppl claiming that it's got a black level problem as the picture looks washed out

and the other hand I see some other ppl posting pictures of ps3 working perfectly on this monitor

Can somebody who has tried comfirm on this? I'd really appreciate it.
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  1. there is absolutely no reason for it to look bad. The Dell 27" is friggin awesome, i wish i had one :(. The only thing that would make the image on it looked washed out is the brightness and contrast levels. If you mess with those enough you should have a pretty darn awesome image. Mess with the colour settings a bit to. Good Luck !

    P.S if you get sick of either the PS3 or the LCD ill take em off ya hands ;)
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