22" - ViewSonic Q22wb / SS 226BW / LG M228WA - cant decide

Im in the market for a 22" LCD and ive narrowed it down to 3 choices.

Id appreciate it if you guys (the experts :p) can help make up my mind and point any pro's and con's to each.

Samsung 226BW - £240 delivered
Looks great, low 2ms response but is the 3000:1 dynamic contrast all its cracked up to be? Worth the extra £40 over the below LG?

LG M228WA - £200 delivered
Speakers might be handy when I drag my computer through my flat on its wheels hehe. It has a tv tuner but its analogue so its pretty much useless right? 5ms, and apparently the same 3000:1 dynamic ratio of the 226BW.

ViewSonic Q22wb - £190 delivered (TODAY ONLY OFFER)
Is this a budget screen compared to the other two?
900:1, 5ms...

Thanks :)
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  1. The Samsung was tested (and won) in this 22" monitors comparative review, posted yesterday here:

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