do 10k drives really take advantage of sata?

ya jw if 10k drives take advantage of the increased speeds that sata offers. becuase i know in almost all cases 7200 hdds do not take advantage of sata.

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  1. No, we're talking about drives with 70-80MB/s from the platers and around 110MB/s max from cache, the only reason you need SATA for these drives is because they're not offered in PATA.

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  2. Yea. Even my 2x74 GB Raptors in RAID 0, get only a sustained read of 112 MB. So its definetly not using all of the Serial ATA bus. Its just that the new drives on today's market are SATA.
  3. aren't each sata port bandwidth at 150, so each drive has up to 150mb bandwidth.
    Two drives would have 300mb bandwidth.

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