Dvd drive runs but does not read disk

hi guys need some advice i have an advent QT5500 laptop the dvd drive runs but wont read disks its an optiarc dvd rw ad-7530-a i have tried uninstall but get same result i have tried looking for updates to the firmware but cant seem to find this model number. if anyone has any ideas before i buy a new one id love to hear them cheers guys
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  1. Hi,

    The first thing to check is is it a H/W or a S/W fault.

    Try to boot ot a bootable CD (XP or Vista install CD, memtest .....)

    If it does not boot to a bootable CD it is a physical drive fault.

    If it does boot to CD, what does device manager say about it?
  2. seems to be a driver issue i got it sorted by going to
    that sorted it
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