What is the reason of not working of wifi in hp laptop after the driver is insta

can anyone tell me please why my wifi is showing cross mark after the installation of driver.
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  1. You need to turn it ON pressing the button given for it.
  2. then also it is not showing
    but usb dongle is working
  3. If router is ok and issuing IP address via DHCP, drivers for usb dongle installed and hardware detected, have you chosen a network SSID to connect to and then entered the security pass code?
  4. a lot of HP users are experiencing this problem after an HP update. I use an HP 1000 notebook. Here is what worked for me
    Restart you computer and press f8 during startup. From the menu that appears select "Disable Driver Signature Reinforcement". When the windows is started you should have your WiFi back.
    This is a temporary fix, you'll have to do this every time you start your computer.

  5. What model/brand is the wifi, is it a ussb internet device or are you using a dongle through a separate modem? What is your OS?
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