Here is where i'm at:

Owned Dish Network 510 which only had one tuner 60 hours recording, and no series link capability. Contacted Dish Network and they would not assist an upgrade to better hardware so I dropped them.

Have DirecTV R15 (two-tuner) now and it is not bad, about the same price. The guide is cluttered and video is more compressed but acceptable. I have an unreliable series link feature and the most rediculous commercial-skip that requires you to watch commercials at 2X all choppy; where dish networks was nearly an perfect instantaneous 30 secound skip when the button was pressed.

I guess i'm just wondering what to do I can't take it anymore.. Should I go back to dishnet or get a tivo or build an HTPC?? I just want K.I.S.S. recording including series-link, and an instant commerical skip button like the dishnet had. THX
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  1. HAHA no reply just like directv HAHA

    Tivo (ridiculous monthly fee) or HTPC (large initial cost) is best bet I guess
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