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Just upgraded from XP to Windows 7. It seems there is no PCI Simple Communications controller driver installed so my Windows Media programs won't work. So far everything I check out is some program that I have to buy. Seems to me I shouldn't have to BUY something that should have been in the Windows 7 program so the Windows programs work. Is there anyway to get this driver free somewhere?
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    PCI Simple Communications Controller is a generic description, not a piece of hardware in and of itself. You need to determine exactly what piece of hardware it is referring to (usually a modem or NIC) before you can go looking for drivers.
  2. Thanks, will have to pay attention next time a notice pops up. Not a tecky so don't know how to check this but appreciate you answering.
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  4. Hello ... Dear, I want an explanation how to download a free pci simple communications controle driver for win7 32 bit
    How to find the correct driver.
    Let's start with the How Not To! Most sites that appear on a Net search for a driver will try to con you into paying a fee or, what could cost more, persuade you to let it have access to your system. You don't know what else they could be taking while... Read More
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