Win7 freezes... but responds

I'm running Win7 on my Dell XPS M1530 laptop.
Recently the system has been freezing occasionally. But the interesting thing is that it still responds a few minutes after the freeze.
For example, the display dims itself after a few inactive minutes according to the power plan, and clicking a button restores the brightness.
After a few minutes it's totally unresponsive. The fan keeps spinning all the time.

It seems that the freeze happens when there is some excessive load on the system, but nothing that it hasn't endured before.
I checked the temperatures with CPUID Monitor. Nothing irregular happens at the moment of freeze.

Please help :-(
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  1. Have you run chkdsk? I'd try that with the /f option and also defrag the hard drive if it hasn't been done in a while. Also, make sure you have at least 10% or more of free space on the drive. Once your system drive gets above 80% full, things tend to slow down.

    Does anything look out of the oridinary in the event viewer?
  2. I have less than 10% of free space, but it's been like this for years and nothing like this happened before.
    Checkdisk didn't help. Nothing worth mentioning in the Event Viewer.
    There is a faulty device in Device Manager, I disabled it but it didn't help.
  3. The less disk space you have, the less space windows has to use for a page file. Windows will have to keep pushing parts of programs out to the page file in order to load the parts it needs into ram.

    What was the device that showed faulty in the device manager and do you have drivers for it?
  4. It's a WAN Miniport. Windows only finds an unverified version of the driver. I'm not sure if to install it.
  5. Get a new hard-drive or delete things you don't need..
  6. mmhbk said:
    It's a WAN Miniport. Windows only finds an unverified version of the driver. I'm not sure if to install it.

    This should not be related to your problem although the drivers for these should be on your motherboard's CD or you can download it directly from the motherboard manufacturer's web site.

    I agree with edgeria. Start removing some files/programs or get a larger drive.
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