Net framework win7 v4 0 30319

i want to download and install it in my computer
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  1. actually there newer version 4.5 for .net framework

    the link :

    u can download web installation or stand alone (redistributable) from there..

    edit: the 4.5 also contains what in 4.0 so it advaised to install the 4.5

    btw OP. u had two identical thread close one or merge them.....
  2. Not sure his translator software will allow him to understand what you mean. Coulda spent less time Googling it than signing up for an account here.
  3. OOT: I'm always think every one here talks in "computer" language

    My English as bad as his..... :D
  4. There is no need to install any version of .net.

    If an application needs a specific version of .net that is not installed the app will install that version for you.

    Otherwise it sits there doing nothing, no benefit at all.
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