Help Picking out a laptop!!! noobie.


I'm kinda new to laptops. i have always ran on Desktops because im a graphics designer. and i like speed.. and high power. well after fiddling with my desktop for a few months. i decided its not worth trying to fix. so i decided to pickup a cheap laptop to surf the web and do some minor graphic work in. But im not Qiuet sure whats good whats not. I guess its comes down to im not quite sure what brand is good for laptops..i ussally build my own rigs. i was on a Q6600 4gigs of ram 8800gts,600wat power, msi mobo...that burned out. so any advice would help..i was told to stay away from dell...My budget i would like to stay below a 600$..I am a college student and would like it light...also..just cause i dont want to have it weigh me down..

I was looking at a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5934
AMD Turion™ X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-70
3gigs of Ram ddr 800mhz
250 hd
5.4 screen
ATI™ Radeon™ 3100 graphics
Windows Vista 32Bit

For about 399$

Vs. a

HP TouchSmart Tx2z
AMD Turion 64 X2
4Gigs of Ram
12.1 Screen
Windows Vista 64bit

For about 600$ (I like this one do to the fact its a tablet Laptop)

I am currently on' an old dell latitude 12.1 pentium III anything is an upgrade form this... .. although it runs great for being so old.

Thanks for your time guys
any advice is appreciated.
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  1. Are you sure that their graphic power is enough for you? How long are you planning to own it? Do you think that the tablet pc with its swivel screen will last long enough?

    I have my eyes on this one just because of the price and performance you get out of it. ATI Radeon 4670

    By the way.. where did you find that Toshiba? Is it brand new for that price?
  2. The Toshiba is a Refurbished machine, off the toshiba website. Im not sure how long i am planning on using the laptop. i figure even if it junks out after 2 years it was worth that price..I figured i could. install 64os. and upgrade the harddrive right off the bat. to make it run a little better?

    I like the swivel screen for the posibility of taking notes and stuff on it plus its on the smaller size.

    MSI looks like a nice machine. alot more graphics card to it . and the prosessor has 3mb Cache. proably blows th AMD out of the water on the toshiba?..
  3. The CPU and GPU on the MSI is better than both the HP and Toshiba. It really depends if you need the extra power or portability and swivel screen like you wanted on the HP. It's your choice on what you are planning to do with the laptop.
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