How can i unusable bad blocks of windows7 from ubunru

I have two O.S on my computer, Ubuntu and Windows7. my hard disk has bad blocks on Windows 's drive and we know it 's partition type is NTFS. I can 't repair it from Ubuntu. if there is any solution to repair bad blocks in NTFS drive from Ubuntu, help me?

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  1. If you are actually seeing bad blocks it means that the drive needs to be replaced. You don't fix bad blocks once they occur. If you insist on using that drive then expect to lose data very soon.
  2. if it already scaned with bad block i suggest let it be...

    Don't try to repair or mask it........

    Let it run and every day do checking / scaning if the bad block is grow or not....

    if it not grow then there is a chance it still useable (but do backup regularly), If it grows than new drive is needed

    In any case claim for warranty / RMA is advaised.....

    ps: I had on disk with 4 Kb of bad block (Damm the electricity company) still useable now
    (a year+), I'm guest i'm just lazy to RMA. :D
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