Unable to boot-up Compaq presario 2100 after bios update

I updated the bios of my laptop compaq presario 2100 and after that I can't boot-up and there was no POST at all. I googled my problem and was suggested to clear CMOS but when I opened up my laptop I can't find the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Hope someone can guide me here and many thanks in advance
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  1. I've had the same problem (presario 2100) and it looks like updating the
    bios can somehow kill the bios. I don't know why Hp/Compaq didn't warn
    us all of this darn predicament, specifically of this model and the like.
    Anyway here's what you can do as a last resort if nothing else can be
    done. You'll have to change the bios-chip which is located in one of the
    panel-board opening for your min-pci wifi card at the bottom of your
    laptop. Unscrew the panel and you'll see beside the wifi card a very small
    ic-chip known as your bios-chip. If you don't know how to extricate this
    chip ask someone who knows how to do it for you. Anyway, most likely
    the specifications for your chip are as follows:
    PLCC BIOS Chips 1
    VERSION: Default
    ModelNO: Compaq Presario 2100US
    Extra_Info: 32 pin PLCC
    Go to http://biosman.com/ and with the info above order a new chip to
    replace your old one. My Presario 2100 now works after a long time of
    not having a working bios chip and knowing I should never update the
    bios, for good.
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