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2GB RAM and stable

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November 8, 2004 12:38:19 PM

Hi all,

I'm looking into buying a new PC with the following specs:
Athlon64 3000+/3200+
2 GB RAM (for VirtualPC/VMWare stuff) - 2x 1GB
nForce 3 based Motherboard

Now my hardware supplier tells me that they've got very bad experiences with 1 GB Dimms in "ordinary" motherboards. Thay recommend using a more expensive workstation/server type motherboard to get a stable system.

Now I'm confused. Why is it so hard to get 2GB RAM in an ordinary system (motherboard off the shelf so to speak) without losing stability?

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November 9, 2004 12:01:26 AM

The larger the capacity the more quality becomes an issue. Obviously shops are going to get the cheapest RAM that works and loath to be forced into buying high quality stuff, it's just too expensive.

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November 9, 2004 7:27:06 AM

Well they offer Kingston memory and Dane-Elec which aren't the worst brands as far as I know. The Kingston 2x1GB Dual-channel kit looks fine to me.
November 9, 2004 2:45:00 PM

Kingston does have a value line, but even that should work at stock speeds.
I would think that if the board spec calls for supporting 1 gig sticks, then at stock speeds should be no problemo.

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