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I'm looking for the top-level 11", 12" or 13" of business laptops.

Can you advice me please ?

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  1. The Best would be from Apple anyday...
  2. I would like to choose a Windows one. Can you help me ?
  3. If u are particular about Dell then check out the Mini series and Inspiron 1318
    HP mini would also do the trick but as usual beware that none of these have an optical drive except 1318
  4. Sorry, I'm looking for real business laptops and not for netbooks ... price is not the problem this time.

    I would go with Vaio but in our country we can't personalize it and I'm looking for alternatives ...

  5. which country do u reside in so that i can check out your options in a few mins
  6. Switzerland.
  7. try out the dell latitude.... the "E" would be better for looks.... the tablet PC wudnt b a bad choise either... But if you are going to use your laptop in networkng or as a workstation or server in your office then you will have to select the "Precision" series of laptops
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