Restrict internet access to administrator's account using windows 7.

I need to restrict internet access to windows 7 administrator account. JUDGE ORDERED THIS. PROBATION OFFICER NEEDS TO BE SHOWN. I have a computer savvy kid. Is there any foolproof way to do this? I changed my security network key. Somehow he figured it out. It is becoming a "You can't limit my access" power stuggle even though the stakes are high. He needs his computer for homework and writing assignments or I would just take it away. Stubborn, smart kid. Help.
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  1. In BIOS disable boot from CD/DVD, USB, & Floppy. Put a password on the BIOS. Set a very strong password on the administrator account (14 characters minimum mixed case with special characters). While logged on as administrator disable all network adapters. Place his account in the users group only. Then watch him like a hawk.
  2. disable network adapters in BIOS and lock down the BIOS.
  3. Hi,

    The best thing to use would be parental control

    I've suggested this one to many parents and it works great

    good luck
  4. Did your kid access your admin account? That is different than dealing with the network security key. Are we talking about multiple computers? Are they all connected wirelessly or wired or both?

    Please describe the number of systems and how they are all connected. There are steps that can be taken, but it will require much vigilance on your part.
  5. Use the scripts listed in the link below to enable or disable network access via the Windows firewall:

    You can use the second script in the Startup folder for administrators, but you have to make sure to run the first script when you are done to restrict Internet access to other users. You could create a Desktop shortcut for this.
  6. Since its Judge ordered,

    I would take his computer to an electronics place and have them remove the netword adapter /

    if integrated on a desktop i would take a plyers and break it off.

    If the kid is determined he will find a way..

    Take care of this issue on the hardware side. This should comply with any order.

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