Welcome screen - hangs - new problem!

I was moving, my PC fell over. Plugged her in, all laggy and HDDs were not happy. Ran chkdsk, everything works now except the Welcome Screen takes forever!

Windows 7 is on it's on Vertex 4, prior to me moving the Welcome Screen would be instant. After Windows boots everything is peppy and ready like it was! I don't understand!

Any ideas to why it takes forever to load my user profile? The Desktop is stored on the SSD (was on a HDD when it fell over), but all my other user files are on one of my HDDs (music, pics, vids). I also have an external plugged in.
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  1. Unplug the external drive and try it.
  2. Thanks for replying! That did not alleviate it though:\
  3. No more ideas?
  4. OK, so what do you mean desktop was on HDD when it fell over and now is on SSD?

    Please elaborate.,,,
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