Laptop will not read USB flash drive


I have an acer aspire 4530 w/ windows 7 pro and my problem is that my usb port arent running at all. My usb flash drives worked properly and i tried it in a different computer. I have 1 flash drive w/ a flashing light to tell if its on. When i plugged it in m acer it wouldnt read it at all. i checked the device manager and the disk manger to see if somethings wrong but nothings wrong. i tied different usb flash drives and i also tried an sd card slot but they all wont read. HOWEVER if i restart my laptop with my usb flash drive plugged in it shows a light but the laptop will go to a blue screen when the window 7 logo booting...
My thoughts that it will read the flash drive but will go to a total denial after finish booting. I'm not sure if i could be a driver error.
So is there any ideas?
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  1. Did you find the solution to the USB ports ? my laptops doing the same thing , it won't read ANYTHING , Flashdrives , IPod ETC..
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