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DDR + P4 3Ghz

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November 11, 2004 11:30:23 AM

Could any one answer a samll question for me?

Will Corsiar PC2700 (333mhz) Ram work with a P4 3Ghz 800fsb ??
or do i need 400mhz ram??

Many thanks in advance

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November 11, 2004 4:44:58 PM

It will work fine but the processor may not run at 3Ghz, it may run at a slower speed to work with the memory. This will also depend on what options the motherboard gives you. You might try running the memory at a ratio that will allow the processor to run at 3GHz and the memory to run at 333MHz. I would really recommend finding some 400MHz memory which would work the best.

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November 11, 2004 5:44:44 PM

Corsair 2700 could probably oveclock to 400mhz but I'd definatly try to get some 3200 to begin with.

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November 11, 2004 9:53:48 PM

Every board I know of will default PC2700 memory to a CPU:RAM ratio of 5:4 in that configuration. Which means your CPU bus (800 bus has a 200MHz clock and Quad Data Rate) will run faster than your memory bus (160MHz clock, DDR320 rather than 333) and cause a performance loss. But yet it will work, which is your main concern. And in fact it will likely still outperform a 3.06.

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