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Which of these LCD's is a quality choice?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 7, 2007 10:41:49 PM

I'm looking for a LCD for general app use and some FPS gaming. My son has an Acer 1916 with analog input. I think it looks pretty good. I'm looking at 20". I've been reading reviews for 3 weeks now, and find there doesn't seem to be one monitor that is the industry leader.

What do you think of these monitors? I'm looking at older monitors because of cost or style (I don't like the gloss samsung). About $250 is my top end.

Samsung 204bw $250
LG L203WT - $260
Acer AL2016W - $200
Dell 2007 - $335

The pixel size is .25 on the Acer & LG, Why would the samsung be .29 on a 20" monitor? Will I notice a difference?? Is the Dell that much better than all the others to justify the price? Is the panel not a TN?

Also, for the price, if Acer is pretty good, I'd consider the AL2216...It's $250 also.

Any info would help. I want to order in a day or two.


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a c 196 C Monitor
May 8, 2007 12:10:30 AM

There is a panel lottery with the Dell 2007WFP. Initial production began with S-IPS panels (generally the best panel tech available). As new revisions of this monitor became available Dell started to mix in S-PVA panels. They are still better than TN panels, but since both versions of the Dell 2007WFP costs exactly the same, people who end up with a S-PVA panel version feel cheated.

Dell has deliberately censored all posts about "panel lottery" in their own forums. I read one post stating that in order to determine exactly which panel you end up with, you will need to disassemble the monitor. That would effectively void your warranty.

Here's a review of the LGL203WT:

Here's a review of the Dell 2007WFP and 2 other LCDs:,1697,1945228,00.a...

There are no professional reviews of the Samsung or Acer. However, I remember reading some user reviews of the Samsung 204BW and they were general good.
a c 196 C Monitor
May 8, 2007 12:17:54 AM


The pixel size is .25 on the Acer & LG, Why would the samsung be .29 on a 20" monitor? Will I notice a difference??

It is not pixel size, it's pixel ptich; the space between each pixel. Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the sharper the image and the higher the manufacturing costs. To the average user there should be no discernible difference.
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