24 vs 27" monitor

Trying to decide 24" vs 27" LCD monitor.

Initially I was going to pay a premium for 27" LCD (I.e. Dell 2707WFP), but I am concerned about the poor pixel pitch you obtain with the relatively low 1920x1200 resolution stretched over 27". I will be using the monitor 60% for work (Office, Excel, PDF reading), 30% gaming (PC and Xbox 360) and 10% DVD/HD-DVD, so a clear readable font/resolution is still important. I eliminated the 30" LCDs since they are not good for gaming/movies (graphics card requirement with dual-link DVI is excessive/impossible).

Would i be better off with a 24" LCD for my purposes?

If so, any thoughts about Dell 2407 WFP versus Samsung 245BW? I cannot find ANY reviews for the Samsung (due out in Canada next week).. many say the dell is the best 24" in its class.
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  1. I can't say anything about the other monitors, but FYI I have a Dell 2407wfp and am quite pleased with it.
  2. I too have Dell's 24" LCD, and soon will upgrade my dad's PC with Dell's 27" which imo is the perfect size and res for the least eyestrain and best user environment... tho I still luv my 24", it is just that now I percieve it to be my min standard of displays...
  3. you're missing the obvious solution. TWO 2407s!!

    if you have the real estate i've found this to be a great option
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