Cant install windows 7 on my ssd

just finished putting together my first new build pc and all seemed to be ok until i tried to install windows . .

will first say im a total noob here so please point out anything ive done wrong.

turned on the pc. hit f1 and the bios screen shows up. assume all is set up correctly (?) so put in my windows 7 pro cd and booted it up.
windows loading screen, chose language, then accept service pack 1, then i have to select the drive and now i have my problem . . . i select the drive and click next. the windows screen goes to load and comes up with

"windows could not format a partition on disk 0. the error occurred while performing the partition for installation. error code 0x80070057"

should i have changed something in the bios? read something about firmware? could my ssd be broken? really no idea what im doing now and its driving me crazy!

i have a asusp8z77-v lv, corsair vengence 8gb ddr3 ram, 120gb agility 3 ssd, tx750 corsair psu

please help people before i explode!!
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  1. Is this a retail disc or iso.
  2. Do you have it set to AHCI mode n the bios?
  3. retail disk bought from
  4. how do i check to see if its in ahci mode? sorry total beginner here and prolly bitten off more than i can chew eek!
  5. You check in the bios settings.
  6. Definately in ahci mode and option 2 doesn't work.
    Should I send the drive back to amazon? Or does anyone think it could be something else?
  7. not normally f1 for asus bios unless theres an error

    ie--overclocking failed please press f1

    when it lists the hard drive to select go to advanced drive option and see if you can delete any partitions if it finds them and

    then format there
  8. i tried moving the stata cables from the sata 6 Gb/s to the 3Gb/s and it has let me run the windows installation. i did think the agility 3 120gb ssd would work in the 6 tho?

    but thank you guys for all your help. much appreciation xx
  9. Make sure it's connected to the Intel SATA 6Gb ports instead of the 3rd party controller. If you look at the motherboard documentation, you'll find which ports are which.
  10. cheers aicom!!
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