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I'm going to uni and need to get me a laptop and i was hoping you guys could help me out - I'm going to try to follow this as closely as possible, but feel free to ask about any specifics.

I'll have to make due with 14k EEK, which is a little under 1250 USD, but considering all the taxes and so on that i will prolly be facing, let's go with 1000 USD - if it will really make a difference then maybe a little bit more.

It should be a 15(.4)" laptop and although a WXGA+ (1440x900) screen would be awesome, I'm perfectly happy with a WXGA (1280x800) one, so I can spend the money elsewhere - WUXGA+/WSXGA+/anything 1920x1200 is overkill.

I'm going to be using it as a desktop replacement and portability is not something extremely important (I'm not that old yet, that i can't lug around a few kg). I will be carrying it to school, but this is not an important factor for me.

Same with battery life - really don't care. It'll be plugged in at home (90% of the time) and just some light text-editing in school (I'm not that good a student :D).

Now the difficult part with my budget - yes, I do want it to play games, but thankfully I'm not really picky.
Starcraft 2 ("when it's done" -- Blizzard)
Team Fortress 2
mby some occasional Call Of Duty and DotA when having a small (4-8 man) LAN at my friends house
and my dirty little secret - World Of Warcraft ("4 n00bs who think chatting is a skill roflol" -- PP forums)
Mby some new games too, but I'm not hoping to run Crysis on it. The settings on these games should be native resolution, but from then on everything can be low (I'll prolly turn everything off anyway - not a big fan of "realism").

Other tasks: programming, watching movies, browsing the web - nothing amazing here.

Here's a place I can mby save a few bucks. The more HDD capacity the better, but it's not that important because i will prolly buy an external HDD to store all my media, so even 160GB will do it for me (I don't think they sell any smaller ones anymore).

Sites I'm considering:
Main choice
Another good choice, but I've heard some people complain about the quality of these.
A list of some other online retailers in Estonia.

I do realize that these sites are in Estonian, but it's really not that difficult to figure out - or use Google Translate. And feel free to recommend other stores that ship to Estonia.

I do want it to serve me for as long as possible since I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon and I do realize that my gaming options are going to get a lot smaller after some time, but I'm cool with that (mby I'll get a nice desktop by then - hey a man can dream)

Optional extras - these aren't mandatory features, but I would really love to have them (but i prolly won't):
backlit keyboard, LED backlit screen (expensive! not important), built-in microphone, a case that's not too fugly :P

Oh yeah, almost forgot - Bluetooth and a SD card slot are a MUST (I have my reasons).

And as already mentioned, I live in Estonia (Europe), so the laptop must be shipped here (often a much greater obstacle than finding suitable hardware).

I myself was considering this, but just wanted to make sure and check with you guys to see, if you have better suggestions.

And that's it - Holy Hell WALL OF TEXT. I wanted to follow the guidelines but was a little too thorough - better too specific than too vague :)

A quick recap for you "tl;dr" guys - I still want your help:
.15" - 15.4" WXGA laptop (1280x800) for 14k EEK (~1000 USD)
.play some games on native resolution, low (to med) settings
.don't care about HDD capacity
.don't care about portability or battery life
.don't care about brand
.must have BT and SD card
.must ship to Estonia (it's in Europe)
.for a list of shops, see links above
.would like to keep it for a long time

Hope I didn't miss anything - oh well, that's what "edit" is for.

Thanks guys!
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  1. Coz your budget is tight. I suggest you to pick this one
    Asus Laptop with Intel Centrino 2 (Geforce 9800M GS). It can play with all games in high settings. I haven't checked screen resolution yet.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but that laptop isn't available in Estonia so I'm out of luck there.

    Decided to go with the Asus Z97V
  3. debilas
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