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Hello! First post here. I was just looking for a new laptop and I would prefer if it had some ability to play video games, even if it's not intensive gaming. I've been looking at two different laptops:

ASUS K40IN-A1 Notebook: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400(2.00GHz) 14" 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce G102M (512 mb) - $949 (CAD)

Also, a custom Dell Vostro 1320 laptop, with a P8700 2.53 Ghz processor, 3 GB RAM, 160GB HDD, and a NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9300M GS 256MB graphics card. - $959 (CAD)

I'm not really all that informed on this stuff, so I'm looking for a bit of advice. I haven't found many reviews on the quality of the Vostro, or the ASUS model, for that matter. Really, I can't tell which graphics card is better, or which system is more worth the money. And is there that huge of a difference between the two processors? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Well... if you're looking for a gaming laptop at your price, I find this laptop the best bang for the money.

    The Dell has a good CPU but the 9300M GS is not a great card. I think that the graphic card is more important than the CPU.

    The Asus has an average CPU with a quite decent graphic card.

    The MSI's mobility radeon 4670 blows both of these systems out of the water in the graphic department. CPU is inferior to Dell's but superior to Asus's.
  2. Thanks! I think I should mention too that I'd rather the laptop not be too large, where a 14.1 was the best, because I might be moving around a nice bit, and lugging something large around would be tiresome. That laptop you suggested looks perfect, only the screen is 16". I've been looking for a while and I can't find anything yet.

    However, I'm not sure if a 15.4 one wouldn't bee too bad for moving around a lot.

    How would you compare this one to the one you suggested, laptopfreak?:
  3. The graphic card is not good to play games like Crysis, COD5 in high settings.
    With your budget, I recommand you to choose Asus Laptop with Intel Centrino 2 (Geforce 9800M GS)
  4. My assumption is that his budget is around $1000(CAD). Consider this one if you can stretch your budget a little bit more.


    If these laptops are over your budget then the 16" MSI with Radeon 4670 is your best bet. The Asus on bestbuy is only available for in-store pickup though.
  5. If portability is your main concern then the ASUS K40IN-A1 Notebook you mentioned is all right. The GPU is slower than a 9600M GT and the CPU does not have hardware virtualization technology so I hope you're not planning to use it for anything like that.

    I'm saving for this laptop:
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