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So guess what! Microsoft in an obvious attempt to bilk the consumer for even more money is not going to update the software for their first Sidewinder series controlers for use with Windows XP. I have the Sidewinder Precision Pro (One of the best joysticks of all time!) and now I can't use it because the Evil Empire can't be bothered to make it's own products work together. Don't misunderstand me. WinXP comes with bundled Drivers for this controler. But the software that allowed you to program the buttons does NOT work with WindowsXP unless it is one of the newer controlers. What kind of SH** is that?! The stupid controller is less than 3 years old. And the Sidewinder 2's have only been out for about 2 years. I'm not going out to buy a new Sidewinder Precision 2, because frankly compaired to the first one the 2 is a POS! Does anybody know where I might be able to find hacked software that would allow me to run this controler under Windows XP? Or a utility that will allow me to program button profiles for any joystick? Cause I'm really not excited about haveing to run all of my games under Win98 or fight with the setups for each individual game so that MAYBE I can map the commands to my joystick buttons. Help....Anybody.
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  1. I'm just about as pissed as you are. I just bought a Precision 2 as a 'replacement' (using the word *very* loosely) for my old Gravis Firebird 2.

    XP finds the Precision 2 just fine, and all 8 buttons work. But programming them is another story. You can't download the software from the net and run it under xp, you have to use the software off the cdrom. Which was written for 98/me, and caused a few blue screens before I got midi-evil on msft.

    So, strictly in terms of software, I'd tell anyone to buy something *OTHER* than a sidewinder. Like a x45 or something...
  2. Yeah...STAY AWAY FROM MICROSOFT CONTROLERS!!! The evil empire is out to get you.
  3. I have a precision pro too but I havent used it since getting XP so I have to see if I have those problems.
    Damb Microsoft
  4. I have both a Precision Pro and the Precision force Feedback po. I got that latter at an auction some time ago, and i must say that the blody FF doesn't work in XP or 2k!!!
    i gave the Pro to my buddy and he won't give the thing back, big mistake!!! the Presicion Pro is one of the greaterst sticks of all time!
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