Will this server suite my needs? Worth buying?

Hi all, I'm considering buying a cheap server in order to gain some practical experiance setting up diffrent services like File Shareing, VPN, E-mail (Even though it's just me), etc etc, using Linux CentOS and Ubuntu most likely. Now I'm new to SA and going for a MIS degree so was wondering if this cerver was worth it, if it would suit my needs as it's onlt going to be running for myself and maybe a few others, and aside from Linux is there Open Source software for most of what I'd need? I'm pretty sure Software isn't going to be an issue, and this hardware should run everything I'd install, but wanted a second opinion first. Hope this is the correct area.

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  1. Looms like 21 views and no answers, did I post in the wrong forum, or ask the questing wrong?
  2. It isn't bad.. it'll bump your electric bill up.

    Why not use an old computer or buy a new laptop/desktop and use that? You really don't "need" server hardware.
  3. Yup, that'll do the trick, though, I have good experiences with the Dell servers, so I'd do one the below auctions.


    I actually have about have a dozen PE1950's in the production environment I administer, and the auction you listed doesn't look like a brand-name server, which will make it harder to make sure all the firmware and BIOS and drivers and such are up to date. (Though, 1U units are pretty noisy with the fact that they need to run their much smaller fans at a much higher RPM to stay cool, so keep that in mind, if the noise will bother you.)
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