Why Do I Have to Replace My Battery?

Woke my XPS up from hibernation, and here's what I see:

The thing is, my XPS M1330 is less than a year old! I've been using it practically 12-16 hours a day since I got it though. Is this kind of capacity loss or wear normal?

Am using Windows 7 btw, and as I've previously written, I've experienced lower battery life with the OS.
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  1. Try using another OS?
    Perhaps you've just been sold a bad battery.
  2. :) Hello,r_manic.

    If your Laptop was still under warranty, Please Call Dell,may be it will spent much time to call them ,it is sitll worth it .

    If you don’t call them, try to slove this problem by yourslef, advice you to buy a spare one to replace XPS M1330 battery.

    In addittion, share some ways with you about "how to increase laptop battery life".
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