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My girlfriend and sister have laptops, gf has a dell(i know, it was against my advice) and sister has a Acer. Both complain of bloadware, understandably so. Can i use my windows 7 home "premium" disc to install a clean install and use their valid product key? It is a full retail copy that i have legally purchased from a chain retailer. Their laptops have the product key sticker from microsoft. they both have the same version, Windows 7 home "premium." Also, could i install a (small form factor) ssd and then install windows? there is an available drive bay. ]

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  1. Nope. Their keys are OEM and will not work with retail.
  2. bummer, if i paid for a key from an online retailer would work then? where would i get the windows software to install on a ssd? there is only a recovery disc with the laptops which as i understand do not have the full windows os on them, i could be quite wrong i am sure of that too.
  3. If they're factory restore then they contain everything that the laptop had on it when it left the factory, including a full OS. They just don't have the ability to install the OS clean (it's typically an all or nothing restore)
  4. okay, what if i purchased a new copy for the laptops, would that function correctly? What i am asking is does dell or acer make drivers not available to prohibit installation of a clean copy of windows? for example
  5. Drivers are available at the respective websites.
  6. As long as it is the same version of 7 it will work ,but you will have to use the automated phone activation.
  7. oh, it will work with the key from the laptop? i just have to call Microsoft to explain why? that is wonderful!
  8. automated phone activation < not a live agent
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