Which netbook to get?

So between the 2 netbooks, the Asus 1008ha and the Hp Mini 110 Mi, im kinda in a pickle
Asus 1008ha=430
Hp Mini=360 (configured how i want it)

Both have 1.66 processor ( i could downgrade the hp mini to 1.60, is .06 that much in a netbook for a cpu? is it worth $25?)

Ram:The both have 1gb ddr2 ram
(the hp site says i could upgrade to 2gb of ram for 50 more dollars, but would it be hard to buy a 2 gb stick from newegg and install it by myself for like $25?) I dont know how picky the ram is for the hp mini 110 mi.

Screen- same size screen 10.1 inches

Harddrive- they both would have a 160gb harddrive.

Asus 1008ha= 3 cell integrated.
Hp mini 110 mi= 6 cell removable.
(does anyone know the battery limits on either of these? thats my concern. i hear the 1008 has a life of around 5 hours, and im guessing the hp mini 110 mi has a life around 8-10 hours because its a 6 cell but idk?)

the asus comes with xp sp3
the hp mini 110 mi comes with linux, but i would plan to upgrade to windows 7, which should be possible correct?

So... to sum it up, the real questions come down too...
1.)Can you change the OS on a netbook without a diskdrive? (to windows 7)
2.)Can you use basically any ddr2 notebook ram if the ram is removable (because it would be cheaper to upgrade myself)
3.)Which battery is better, and by how much.
4.) is the sleekness and form of the 1008ha much better than the hp mini 110?
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  1. ok, not just any old RAM will work with any computer, they just dont. and secondly, the OS would have to be on a thumb drive if you wanted to install anything you didnt download on it, however, it is possible to make a thumb drive bootable with a windows system (hp put a boot thing out) but linux is much easier to boot from a drive (UNetbootin)
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