Please help - Win 98 / 98 SE installation hangs

Until today I thought I could manage (almost ;) anything. But this is apparently too much for me. I just completed a new system: Duron 1.2 GHz, MSI KT3 Ultra, MSI GF4-MX 420, DDR 256 MB (Kingston), IBM 120 GXP 40 MB HDD, CD-ROM. Everything assembled ok; power on: ok; processor: ok (heatsink+fan were installed w/o crushing the CPU core I think ;); fdisk: ok; format: ok.
But then I try to install Win 98 or Win 98 SE the computer hangs just after the initial screen ("Press ENTER to..."). The procedure doesn't even check the initial configuration, it just gives me a blank screen.

I tried 2 different versions (original 98 and OEM 98 SE) and the result was the same. I also tried different BIOS configurations, booting with an ASUS CD-ROM and LG CD-ROM / Writer.

Does anyone know how to fix this bloody mess? Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to force somehow the installation to bypass the check-up (tried setup /c and setup /is - same result)?. All components appear ok, POST is fine, no overclocking or overheating issues (processor according to BIOS is at 40 degrees Celsius).

It's 1.30 am over here and I would really and sincerely appreciate any help with this issue...
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  1. Go to <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> place to download a bootdisk for floppy.

    I assume you're trying a CD boot, and no floppy disk. Bootup with it (you'll need to change the boot order in BIOS), enable CD support and go to the CD drive and type "setup c:".

    Failing that, try a barebones setup (minimal hardware).

    You sure it's not an upgrade version?

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  2. It might be an idea to remove all PCI cards (except the video card of cause!) and try the installation again. If you get windows to install successfully you can then replace the cards one by one restarting the computer each time to see which one, or if any are causing a conflict. If this doesn't work try going into the bios and disable the internal and external caches this will mean the computer will run like a slug but it might at least allow the setup process to complete! Another option could be to put your harddisk in another computer and setup windows on it then put it back in yours and run the hardware wizard (assuming it makes it into windows without locking up).
  3. Many thanks, I managed to run it - with a barebone config. Surprise - the system installed without a problem. It still works, even after I installed all PCI cards ;-).

    Thanks and Regards,
  4. Often you will find that a PCI card will interfere with the setting up of windows due to an IRQ conflict. Once windows is fully setup however this conflict usually can be resolved either manually or automatically by windows hardware wizard. I had a similar prob when I first tried to install windows XP on my computer. It wasn't until I removed my sound card that I could get through the setup process at all!
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