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I got confused for chosing a sound card, right now i am using a sound blaster live and logitech z5300, the speaker sound is great but people say that audigy 2zs is i consider it, but what is the diff with the audigy LS?i use mostly for music and dvd,games as well,if i see the price the audigy 2 is more exp, is it a big difference for both of them ? and because i am just using 5.1 speaker is it worth it to buy the audigy 2ZS which compatible with 7.1 ?
any help will be appreciated
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  1. i was considering buying the Audigy LS at one time, but i opted for the Audigy 2 Value (has many of the same features as the Audigy 2 ZS) for certain reasons.

    the Audigy 2 ZS handles a lot more standards for one. it can handle Dolby Digital-EX (7.1) in hardware, along with DTS-ES (7.1) in hardware (of course, both compatible with regular 5.1). the LS only handles regular DD 5.1 (which shouldn't be a problem to you). in your case, you MIGHT want to consider the ZS because of the added DTS standard, but only if you consider yourself an audiophile since DTS is slightly higher quality than Dolby Digital (at the expense of DVD disk space).

    the Audigy 2 ZS can handle EAX in hardware, meaning your processor doesnt have to think about how to render the 5.1 channels during gaming. thus, better frame rates. it also does EAX 4.0 Advanced HD, which in gaming, translates to very realistic surround sound (smooth transitions from room to room, more accurate positional effects, etc). the LS only supports EAX 3.0, which i suppose doesnt hurt TOO much, but then again, its in software, meaning your frame rate'll suffer.

    if you're really into music, the Audigy 2 ZS does DVD-Audio, a new audio standard that uses DVDs to store music in 5.1 channels at 24 bits, 96KHz sampling (compare to CD's 16 bits, 44KHz). i have a sampler disc that came with my sound card...not exactly the music i listen to, but a great example of the viability of the format. and when i looked around, there were more DVD-Audio discs out there than i thought, so that might be a point to consider.

    if you record music, the Audigy 2 ZS supports ASIO drivers, which means you get low latency (lag) recording, making it easier to sync up tracks in multi-track recording.

    im sure it's almost unnoticeable, but the ZS has a 106 dB signal-to-noise ratio (essentially, the amount of hissing and cracking compared to the signal or sound). the LS has a 100 dB SNR.

    the connectors on the ZS are gold plated, meaning better conductivity, and thus...better sound, if barely. and finally...the ZS has a firewire port, if you need it. the firewire port can also be used for PC-to-PC gaming, if someone else has a firewire port. the LS only has the old joystick port, which still might be useful if you have an old joystick/controller that uses it, or if you use MIDI devices like certain keyboards.

    there you have it...the major differences. like i said, i have the Audigy 2 Value (around $70) a few weeks ago. you might want to consider it since its exactly on middle ground between the ZS and the LS. it doesnt do DTS and some other little things the ZS can do like ASIO 2.0, and doesn't have THX certification (which really isn't THAT much of a difference), but its served me well so far, sounds great, gives me a few extra frames in games...and plays Splinter Cell (came with the sound card, too) in surround sound nicely...
  2. Thanks a lot buddy, so what u r saying is audigy 2 value hv most of the zs spec except thx and some of the firewire but the sound quality is the same...if it is like that thats means i just take the audigy 2 value then, because i dont need a real thx things, but is it gonna be big difference from my sound blaster live right now? i mean in terms of the sound quality( the clear of the sound, the mid,high,and bass) ? anyway thanks for the reply its very helpfull...
  3. ive had no experience with the Live! series, but i would doubt with common media (MP3s, CDs, WAVs, DVD, etc) you'd notice a "big" difference, but having speakers as nice as yours, it definitely couldnt hurt to upgrade to the new audio processor (i think....) in the Audigy 2 series to push the quality to the limit. you might notice the 106 dB signal-to-noise ratio compared to the Live!, but then again, maybe not depending on how sensitive your ears are.

    i upgraded from onboard audio, so i noticed a considerable difference overall. crisper highs, more puctuated and defined bass. the only thing i noticed were slightly hollow mids in voice reproduction, but that's due in part to my speakers (Logitech X-530s...excellent, by the way). games will definitely sound better.

    the main dividing factor between the Live! and the Audigy 2 is the features. newer EAX support for games, DVD-Audio, ASIO, and all that good stuff. for the most part, though, sound quality shouldn't be dramatically different from your Live!
  4. Oohh ok....yeah i will think about it, mostly i'll get it :)
    ok mate thanks a lot, i appreciate that
  5. You'll probably get a slight gaming performance increase with the Audigy over Live! since the Audigy process more effeciently putting less strain on the CPU.

    "A delayed game will eventually come out, a bad game is bad forever."
    -Shigeru Miyamoto
  6. I think there's slight difference between LS and ZS in terms of sound quality--which is the only thing matters to me. But I dont think it's noticable on most of the pc speakers on the market. Feature wise, you can use SW decoders, or just buy a HW decoder (DT100 something from creative, cannot remember the model number) -- which I dont think is worth it.

    7.1 ? nah.... I dont even know where i can fit all those speakers.

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    Corsair XMS 512Mx2 2-3-2-6
    MSI 865PE
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  7. "Feature wise, you can use SW decoders, or just buy a HW decoder (DT100 something from creative, cannot remember the model number) -- which I dont think is worth it. "
    Which one u mean is not worth it for me?is it buying the decoder or buying the zs? sorry for the lagging here :p
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