Video driver for win7 64bit on 939 board... HP a1310n

I have been trying to help out a friend with his older computer for a few weeks now, without luck. Basically i cannot get video driver to install. It's a fresh install of windows7 64bit on an older computer (Athlon 3700+, 939, HP a1310n), onboard video is ati x300. It's not supported by win7, so I installed the legacy vista drivers (both 9.3 and 10.2) without any luck (wouldn't even install). Aside from windows 7 updates I have not installed anything whatsoever on this computer, including bios drivers (again, not supported by win7). I wanted to install win xp but that's a whole other story (after a couple failed installs, XP stopped accepting my cd-key so I admitted defeat...). He only wants to use the computer to watch movies and online videos. He also gave me an external card (x1650), but computer did not recognize it at all, so onboard video it is.....
Also, lol, his dvd drive wasn't reading any discs, so I found an old IDE I had and switched it and it worked fine. Funny this is, he only recently had another friend put win7 32bit on it so it must have been working recently, seems odd to 'suddenly' stop responding.
I know 64bit is a little slow for this computer, but from a 'cold' start, this has an internet page open in 65 seconds from post! Not too terrible... 32 bit ran quick, but that's no longer an option as all i have is 64 bit
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  1. did another fresh install, the legacy ati vista 64bit legacy driver installed this time!!! Video is much smother, although at 720p it is still a bit choppy. I think with the x300 i can only expect so much...
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