New SSD, New Motherboard - OLD HDD, OS and File Transfer Questions

I have some issues and I really don't know what's the best approach.

I want to migrate my operating system (Windows 7, 64 bit) to an SSD, while keeping my old hard drive with applications, photos, family videos etc. I also want to install 2-3 games on the SSD for faster load times.

The Problem is, my motherboard is really old. It doesn't support higher RAM processing speeds beyond 800 mhz, or at least it creates problems when I set it to 1333. So, I would like to get a new SSD, new motherboard, and new RAM to keep my computer up to date for the near and foreseeable future.

Is this going to create problems with the HDD being compatible with the new motherboard and the Windows may not authenticate properly. I also want to buy a faster HDD to replace the old HDD.

What is the best option for me to get a new motherboard with a new SSD and HD. Install the operating system on the SSD, while still being able to migrate all of my applications and files to a new and faster HDD (7200 rpm).

Of course.... I will back up all of my files, photos and videos with system image and also other means....

Is there an efficient and safe way to do this, or is it not even worth it.

For your reference, here are my system specs currently.

AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
Windows 7, 64 Bit (Home Premium)
8 Gig Ram, HyperX 800 Mghz
Nvidia GTX 560 Ti
MoBo: GA-MA790X-UD4P
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  1. is your windows an OEM version? If it is, it will be tied to the motherboard, and you should get a new license when you upgrade, if you have a retail version you can re-install it to a new SSD. When you add an SSD, you best option is to install a fresh copy of windows at that time. You can copy data to a new HDD. Applications will need to be re-installed - you can't just copy them.
  2. So I guess there's no easy option to migrate the system to SSD while keep all other applications on the HD?
  3. Can this options work with a new motherboard?

    I can buy the new mobo, use system image and the above option to make the mobo compatible with Windows 7 and my prexisting apps/programs and folders.

    Then I can install an SSD in conjunction with my old HDD and use this

    .... to migrate only the Windows 7 to the SSD while keeping all of my files/programs/ etc on the old HDD. I can reinstall my favorite games on the SSD with Windows.

    What do you guys thinks???

    My last question is this... assuming that the above actions work.... when I try to create a new system image, will Windows 7 be able to do it on an external harddrive even though my OS is on SSD w/ games and all other files/programs/presets are on another internal HD?
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