overclock dell

I have a dell dimension 9140 or some name like that.

have pentium 915 d,LGA 775. the pentium 945 is in the mail

I want to beat the bios and overclock.
Many of you seem to love dell's, so how do I achieve this.

Case is huge, dont know anything about power supply, seems to have a lot better cooling system than my gateway or e-machine.

Been a good inexpensive machine, but I want more.
I hate all tech support, but I really hate the limits dell has created. Its my machine. I bought it and if I want to break it I should be allowed.

Never overclocked anything. All I know about it is that i f-uped and bought a dell. So please convince me that it wasnt that big of a mistake
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  1. I have never seen someone overclock the CPU on a Dell. They lock certain parts of the BIOS to prevent the average user from f-ing up their computer. You can overclock your graphics, however. I do it on my Dimension 8400. Out of curiosity, what chipset is your mobo? you may be able to do better than the D945. If you don't know, download CPU-z off of cpuid.com to find out.

    I would recommend that you do a Google search before you give up hope about overclocking.
  2. cpu-z says

    model 0yc523,
    chipset i945p/pl/g/gz
    southbridge 82801gb

    intel pentium d 820
    package 775 lga

    does that make any sense?
  3. Yes, it means that you chipset is an Intel 945 series. This could be good or bad. It may be good because it may mean you can put a Core2Duo in your machine and thus illiminate the need to overclock. It could be bad because it may also not work. If you want to take a chance, go to newegg.com and buy a Core2 and see if it works. If it does, return the D945. If it doesn't, then just return the Core2 for a refund.
  4. moved to "need inforamtion on 775 and pent 945
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