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Hi guys my problem is that i have forget the password of my macbook air and i dnt have the software cd to reboot .so can any one help me out to reactive my accounts.i can autoMatically login on but can not download any files as the password is requires at most of the places.
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  1. This is a hardware forum - but even the software forums here don't have Mac sections. This really isn't the place to be for you - lots of people here hate Macs, including myself.

    You can try macrumors, though. They're pretty good with the apple-ie side of computers.
  2. look up ophcrack and see if they have a distro for Mac
  3. Of course you can always contact APPLE directly if it is indeed your laptop.
    And if you're in a major N.American city you can go to an Apple store.

    Once again... if it is your laptop, cause they probably won't help you if it isn't. :pfff:
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