I just set up a continuous ink system..lets talk printers

I have quite a history in printing and hope to shed some light for others in my situation. Here is a quite summary and my secret I hope some of you are willing to try.

I bought the first high resolution color inkjet by Canon years ago. The heads got clogged up constantly and eventually the warranty ran out. This started my dreaded hate of inkjet printers. For years I drooled to buy a laser or solid color stick printer. High quality, high speed, plain paper, I loved them. I wanted a Tektronix printer, then they got bought out by Xerox. Then I wanted a Xerox Phaser printer.

Color lasers are affordable now but I no longer crave them. I used to hate inkjet printers with a passion. High cost of ink, refilling cartridges is a mess and doesn't work, heads dry up, etc... I am once again an inkjet fan and here's my story. I hope others with a similar history as me can be given hope again in printing.

When Epson came out with a printer that prints directly to CDs I bought one right away. The R200. I loved it. Full high res CDs from edge to edge without paying $2000 for a pro cd printer. I can now get it form a $100 Epson inkjet. Then I eventually ran out of ink and didn't feel like ordering the usual OEM cartridges. A year later and yesterday here's what I did.

I purchased a continuous ink system from It pumps ink from bottles, through tubes, into your printers. You no longer use more refilling or buying OEM cheapo cartridges. No more not being able to print cause one color is low, or throwing out cartridges that have a sponge inside saturated with 10% ink left in the cartridge.

I was also weary of the fact that I havn't used my printer in a year and wondered if the heads would be clogged to hell. I installed the system very easily in around 15 minutes, and tried it out. Perfect...just like the day it came out of the box. Its even better, cause the included chip makes my printer drivers show full ink all the time. And when a bottle of ink gets low I jsut swap it. Very simple. No more sponges in a cartridge...jsut liquid ink direct to the printer.

So for those who hate inkjet printers:

- My Epson prints stunning CDs and DVDs. I just print to the maximum dimensions, and wipe off the bit of ink on the clear plastic at the edge using a tissue (Kleenex). DOn't forget to use Taiyo Yudens...the best blank media on the market.

- My Epson survived a full year of not printing without drying out. My old epson I owned years ago didn't make it and clogged out. I guess the new design is better.

- The continous ink system is unbelievable. I didn't spill a drop of ink installing the system, and for $40 you can get 6 bottles of ink. That's equivalent to 7+ sets of cartridges. No more expensive printing.

- And an inkjet makes way better photos than a laser. Buy the specialty paper and your set. Buy some clear sray used for crafts and spray your photos and you now have water proof ink jet prints.

- I love the system so much I have over 2000 DVDs printed with case covers as well. I lvoe the printer so much I was willing to put it in the garbage and buy a new one if I found out the heads were clogged yesterday. I now love it even more since I have the continous ink system.

Check out and consider the system. It rocks. there are other high quality continous ink system on the market. They rock.

Please reply with your inkjet horror or other related stories. Tell me your opinion of continuous ink systems. Whatever. Talk printers here.
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  1. About continuous ink systems,I am working in this printer consumables field several years,all products sold have not met that problem,frankly speaking,some of our customers who purchase continuous ink systems from other company have met some problem also,but every problem can be solved you just discuss with your suppliers,and asked help from them,I am sure,as a good supplier,they really like to do that for their customers.

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    -CISS accessories(Chips/Resetters)
    -Spongeless ink cartridge (CISS cartridge & Refillable cartridge)
    -Printer ink (dye ink and pigment ink)
    -Compatible cartridge and re-manufactured ink-jet cartridges and so on!

    Addition,we have CISS for some new printers at present, to know more,please check our website(, or contact by mail(

    If you have met some problem on continuous ink system,just contact me freely,I really like to discuss with you.
  2. At present,have refillable cartridge with new chips for some new large format printer as below:

    Epson 4450,Epson7880,Epson7450,Epson9880,
    Epson 9450,Epson 9000,Epson 9500,Epson 3800,
    CANON8200/7200/6200/6400/8400 etc.

    from Outac CISS :
    continuous ink system,refill kits,bulk ink system,
    ink cartridge,photo paper,chips,and so on.
  3. My friend helped set up the CIS from InkRepublic and yes it rocks! I'm a singer songwriter that produces my own CDs including the inserts for the jewel case and the printed CDs themselves. Huge savings but it can be abit tricky modifying your ( Epson 280) to work with the third party CIS. You have to have patience that's for sure. But in the end it's worth it because my artwork on the CDs and jewel case inserts looks totally professional. Like my friend told me, they sell you the printers cheap but rake you over the coals on ink cartridge prices!!!
    There's gotta be a better way and there is!
  4. just let u guys know, I have an epson 3800 printer and got an InkRepublic pro 3800 i-Refill system, not a 3800 CIS, but a 3800 refillable cartridge system. (it works as great as a CIS and as easy as epson's cartridge)

    the installation and operation tips can be found here -

    Im extremely impressed by the print quality obtained from IRK4-nano inkset. I could use the same epson profile for these inks. The real good deal is the reusable waste ink maintenance tank, that saves me a lot of $$$ already!
  5. Is there anyone else who uses that i-Refill for a 3800? That printer has been such a bestseller that I can hardly believe there are only so few people trying to escape Epson's absurd ink prices.
  6. Help! I have an epson r300 printer and CIFS and everything was absolutely great. but then all of a sudden the printer started printing yellow as bright green. HELP!!!
  7. snap that would be wonderful if they had that for hp
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