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Do they make an afordible hadr drive that has no moving parts? Maybe a thumdrive that can be setup with a fat table and bootable. I am only looking for a drive size of 1 to 3 gig. Any one have any IDEAS?
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  1. ALL USB Flash devices can be made bootable. I have an old 16MB CompactFlash card here and put it in my card reader, viola, bootable. You have to "sys" the flash card, and you need a motherboard that supports treating USB drives as bootable devices.

    I had a P4C800-E Deluxe that could be set in BIOS to make any USB device the "A" drive. That includes thumb drives. Nice having a 16MB floppy in DOS. From there I could have installed windows had the flash card been large enough.

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  2. The flash drives have nowhere near the speed of a hard drive, tho.

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  3. You can buy PCI cards that have loads of DIMM slots (RAM slots), you put, say 2Gb of RAM in them and it acts as a Harddrive.

    I think they must be externally powered or something, because obviously you turn off the Pc and all the data would go

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  4. Man, boot times on that must be sweet.
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