DVR remote problem....VERY WIERD!!

Here's my specs...

46" Sharp Aquos LCD

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD digital cable box

Ok, this is wierd and I'm desperate for any ideas. When the LCD is off, the remote operates the DVR box. It powers up, powers down, changes channels...all can be verified using the digital readout.

When the LCD is on, the remote won't do anything. However, I can still change channels and do whatever using the controls on the box like nothings wrong. I don't get it. I tried "chatting" with Time Warner but they don't know anything and gave me the "replace your remote" crap.

How could a TV prevent a DVR box from recieving a signal from the remote, or acting upon that signal? I'm desperate...we just got this LCD (upgraded from a poopy 21" tv/dvd combo) and HD DVR (upgraded from standard DVR).

Help!! :cry:

EDIT: Ok, I unplugged all inputs to the LCD. When the TV is on, it still prevents any controller from operating the DVR box (I programmed the LCD controller to the DVR as well). So the tv itself is putting out some kind of interference that renders the remotes useless to the DVR box, but I can still control the sound system with the remote. Is this even possible?
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  1. Hey bazookaman,

    I have recently purchased that exact same LCD and digital cable box and am now experiencing the exact same problem. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? or was the cable box not working correctly?
  2. any news on that problem lcd and cable box thanks ed
  3. Scientific atlanta explorer 2000
    Sharp 37' LC37D64U
    firmware S0804171

    The remote from the explorer was working, not well but working for 5 month.
    Now the remote stop working when the explorer is near the TV
  4. The TV may be emitting IR or RF interference that is jamming the signal from the cable box remote or affecting the box due to proximity. Try putting a large piece of opaque material between the TV and box to see if that lets the remote work. The cable box is very sensitive to IR (that gives it a lot of range). If just moving the box away from the TV helps but not the opaque IR shield then the interference may be RF and is disturbing the box internally.
  5. Same thing happened to me--an easy fix! Just turn off the automatic brightness control (OPC on the Aquos) and it stops the interference with the DVR remote. Somehow it interferes with the IR on the remote.
  6. Kudos figuring out the OPC was the root of the problem. I was struggling for a few days with a Comcast HD DVR and an old Aquos 45GX6U and noticed the remote worked with the TV off and was nonfunctional with it on. Turning off OPC did it! Thanks!
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