Bolivia By Night - potential xyzzy game of the year?

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Ever since childhood, having his work unkindly critisized by strangers
has given Andrew cerebral cramps; that the world is capable at any
point of its immense surface of not loving him seems a mathematical
paradox it is torture to contemplate. He says, almost beggingly,
"Three at once, Jacek?"

And then, knowing that not everyone can see the many-headed hydra he
has had to invent to protect himself from life's unkindness, he ads,
"Translation: usual offender, pretending to argue with himself and
randomly insult anyone in range." He looks so imploringly, with
tearful eyes, that you can't help yourself but pat him on the head and
say, "There, there, Andy, we all think your games are wonderful."
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    Annoying troll wrote in

    I seem to recall that someone posted some kind of filter rule that
    could catch the posts of our troll-in-residence. At the time, he hadn't
    annoyed me enough to bother about it (I currently have an empty
    killfile) and now I can't find it. If my memory isn't faulty, could
    please someone post that solution?

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    I like Andrew's games. They are like yellow teeth: honest. They
    honestly express the sad dry thoughts of a sad dry man.
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