Sound problem with new Acer Aspire One 751h

Hi, I just bought an Acer Aspire One 751h, but I have a problem with the sound. Everytime I plug in headphones and play an MP3 file (or a video on the net), the sound is distorted or lags.
- All MP3 files sound as if I am in a karaoke (voices are distorted), eventhough the karaoke feature of realtek is set to Off
- Videos on the internet are clipping and lagging.

I have looked all over the internet, but didn't find a solution to this problem.

Has it something to do with the fact that I use ipod headphones that are not 'dolby digital'?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. I'd say either the windows you have is corrupted (if it's a windows xp machine) or possibly bad sound drivers or codecs. Lastly could be the actual sound chip or the port is defective. if you try everything including a reinstall of windows and it still doesn't solve the problem return it and get a new one
  2. I'd say you're on crack, sorry, but I have the same comp, and same issue. It's not corrupted windows, let's say windows even WAS corrupt, the sound still would not be effected in the way he explained. Especially for the fact that it sounds fine with the laptop speakers
  3. It's gotta be a software issue. Try playing an audio file with VLC - it has it's own codecs built in, and will reveal a codec problem if there is one.

    Next, try using a different browser and/or music player.

    Next, try using an updated driver or a different version.

    If all these fail, reinstall windows. If that doesn't solve the problem, you're using the same software over again, or your hardware is bad.
  4. I have an acer aspire one, and I have the same problem, but only with my ipod headphones....if I plug them all the way in, the sound is distorted; however, if I pull them out slightly after plugging them in, the sound works fine.

    I'm using different headphones for now, it's annoying.
  5. hi i had the same problem the way i got it fix was
    I unistall the primary ide controller and rebooted when it came back the sound was fine. by the way the primary ide controller gets install again by itself after rebooting
    to get to the primary ide controller right click on my computer >>> go to manage>>>> go to device manager >>> ide controller right click on primary ide controller and unistall it. close everything and reboot the sound should coma back to normal
  6. I had the same problem: sound was distorted on my friend's Acer Aspire One AOA150. I had a lot of trouble finding the audio drivers on the Acer web site. The model was given as ZG5 on the case, but Acer didn't list it. I eventually found that it was really the AOA150. Once I had this information I updated the sound driver (Realtek high definition) but there was little, if any, difference. I tried 3 different drivers from the site, and another from the Realtek site, with no success. Then I saw your article. Ahah, I thought! That could be it! Lo and behold, following your instructions (re-installing the primary IDE controller driver) did the trick. Thanks a million!
  7. Francis Banks thank you for your confirmation I did it too on an aoa150 and yes it worked too on mine the sound became perfect again via uninstall reinstall of primary ide controller and even the booting problem too was somehow solved which speed up to about 75% increase which i didn't achieved by so many means described everywhere in the web
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