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System Specs
Dell Studio 540
Intel Q8200
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Edition Retail (came with Vista)

I feel kind of dumb not knowing this but here we go. I consider myself very knowledgeable about computers but I'm not sure if there is a utility for what I want to do. My parents computer is having some issues I replaced the hard drive and i used Acronis True Image to copy the hard drive so they wouldn't have to redo all there bookmarks and personal info for there websites and just the general windows settings like wallpaper etc.

So since i have done this something just isn't quite right something must of been corrupted from the old hard drive. So anyways I am gonna do a clean install and i was wondering if there is a utility that will allow me to save everyones profiles so that i can just pop in a disk and restore all the settings. I am not worried about any files or programs on the computer I have them all backed up my only concern is windows settings themselves. I just can't figure out how to do this if there even is a way to backup everyones profile settings.

Does the advanced recovery in the backup and restore save all the profile settings?

Thanks in advance for any help :D
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  2. Ok looks like it will do everything. The thing is there are 4 different profiles on the computer will it do all the profiles and allow me to just pop in the disk and restore them all? I dont see anything on the site that tells me if it does that. I know this is kind of a noob question i just want to make sure because they hate when i redo there system and they have to redo all there crap. I redo my system every month but i dont care about settings its not that bid of a deal for me but for my parents its a hassle for them.
  3. never used it, just goggled ..
    i backup movies & important software in dvd, format pc only when it get bad by virus, it occurs rarely may be once in 5 0r 6 months by mistake,
    i dont customize much only jetaudio for movies & music .. it good enough for my needs, as i spend more time in my office or in my friends cybercafe..
  4. Laplink PC mover.
  5. Well thanks for the help.

    If anyone knows about windows advanced recovery please comment tell me if it saves profiles i cant find anything that tells me if it does maybe i am just looking in the wrong place.
  6. Well i figured it out myself. I never new windows had a profile transfer tool built in Thanks for looking.

    manojgj you can have best answer since you posted a comment first :D
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  8. NOOOO, HE DIDNT JUST SAY THAT & not Post what he FOUND??!!!

    and nobody has taken the time to FILL IN THAT BLANK??

    Fairly certain he was referring to: WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER

    for those who were not aware.

    Just trying to help.
  9. Yes it will save all user profile but you have to do it right , i pass past and found site you can found useful information about backup windows 7
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