Asus K55VM Keyboard issues.


less than a month ago I've purchased an Asus K55VM laptop and about 4 days ago I've noticed a problem with my keyboard. Whenever I try to type I,K,8 or a comma *,* it won't work, however, if any of the 4 keys work, they all work and vice-versa, if one doesnt work, none works.

The problem of spilling liquids or food on the keyboard is out of the question since the laptop is new and i never eat/drink around it, also i clean the keyboard with a napkin every 1-2 days because i dont want dust to settle in.

I must say that all of the adjacent keys work with no problem. Please help me, I just cant send the laptop to warranty right now because I'm having my exams and it would legally allow them to keep it for 10 days (I think) and I've got all my studies on the laptop as my old one has died after years of functioning.

The keyboard is a chiclet keyboard as seen here:

Thank you very much!!
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  1. Sounds like a warranty issue. To replace this keyboard requires a fair amount of dis-assembly to replace it, plus it would be at your expense if not submitted under warranty.

    Temporarily, you could use a regular desktop USB keyboard when the problem arises, until your ready to send it in.
  2. Thank you, I have already sent the laptop to Asus warranty service and I got it back today, they replaced the Keyboard. All the best, thanx for the help!
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