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Ok, So my dad has a very old laptop which he never uses. But it would be easier for my mom to do banking on it in the house. It has a very old pentium 3 and 128mb ram. Lol i know since i have a i7. But would it be faster if i put windows 7 on it instead of XP Pro? Just wanted to know since i gotta key and RC downloaded. Isnt 7 suppose to be faster for netbooks and stuff. And dont tell me to by a new laptop! :sol:
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  1. Windows 7 won't run on a p3 it doesn't have certain instructions that 7 will require. You're stuck with XP Pro not to mention the bare minimum RAM is 1GB for 7
  2. Yeah, Windows 7 is a no go for that system. You are really pushing it just putting XP Pro on there.

    Perhaps you can grab yourself a copy of windows FLP (basically windows xp for older PC's). It should run a little better considering the small amount of ram available.
  3. This isn't true...I have an old 1.4 Ghz Celeron (circa 2002) laptop with 512Mb RAM (an old one too weak to run on our corporate (school) network, but I use it as a browser. Installed Windows 7 on the machine tonight (+ Norton Internet Security 2010) and it boots in under a minute to the desktop. IE is much more swift and responsive. Not anywhere near as good as my Core 2 Quad machine in the study, but beggars can't be choosers! Settles on 390Mb RAM use. XP driver for my wireless slot-in card worked fine!

    Lovely jubbly!
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